Sofía Sánchez Mompeán, PhD, holds an MA in Audiovisual Translation from the University of Roehampton (London, UK) and a BA in Translation and Interpreting from the University of Murcia (Spain), where she currently teaches specialised translation at various levels. She has been awarded the Extraordinary Doctorate Prize on her thesis, which focused on the rendition of English intonation in Spanish dubbing. She also obtained the Outstanding Student Award in Translation Studies, granted by the Spanish Ministry of Education, and the Gerhard Weiler Prize, granted by the University of Roehampton, for her research on the (un)naturalness of tonal patterns in dubbed dialogue. She has enjoyed several academic stays in a number of universities worldwide and has published several articles on her field of research. Sofía has also worked as a dubbing actress, lending her voice to adverts and animated short films, and as a freelance translator, subtitler and proofreader for a number of national and international companies. Her main research interests include the rendition of prosody in dubbing, the translation of non-verbal information in dubbed texts and the characterization of characters through paralinguistic information. She is also interested in media accessibility, mostly in the prosodic quality of audiodescribed dialogue.

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