Prof. Dr. Luis Alonso Bacigalupe is a Senior Lecturer of consecutive and simultaneous interpreting (CI & SI) since 1995 at the University of Vigo (Spain) and a professional conference interpreter with 22 years of experience in the field.

He holds a PhD. in Translation and Interpretation from the University of Vigo -with an experimental Doctoral Dissertation on the cognitive processes involved during SI- as well as a Bachelor Degree in Translation and Interpretation and a Specialized Diploma in Conference Interpretation from the University of Granada (Spain).

His main research interests are the analysis and study of information processing and mental operations during SI -leading to the development of teaching models for the task-, quality issues in SI, and the compilation and development of training materials for students of CI and SI.

Over the last few years he has developed an interest on issues revolving around accessibility, i.e. the provision of live language services for people with special needs, where he has found new ground for the application of findings stemming from experimental research.

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  • Consecutive interpreting
  • Simultaneous interpreting
  • Advanced conference Interpreting

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