Gian Maria Greco is Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellow at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Spain), where he is carrying out the project “Understanding Media Accessibility Quality”. His research interests are on accessibility studies, with a focus on human rights, media accessibility, live events, and cultural heritage. He holds a MA and a PhD in Philosophy, an International MA in Accessibility to Media, Arts and Culture and a Postgraduate Diploma in Disability Rights. He has held university positions as post-doc, research fellow, and honorary research fellow. In 2009-2014, he was president of POIESIS, an Italian not-for-profit organisation specialized in cultural and media accessibility. In 2016-2018, he was founding president of the Media Accessibility Platform. In 2013-2014, he served as accessibility coordinator for the Committee for the Candidacy of Lecce as European Capital of Culture 2019. Since 2015, he is Accessibility Coordinator of the Environmental and Cultural System “Porta d’Oriente” (Italy), one of the largest projects of accessibility of cultural tourism in Europe, covering an area of 420 km2 and offering products and services specifically designed to make material and immaterial cultural heritage accessible to persons with sensory, learning and cognitive disabilities, children, migrants, families, the elderly, and foreign speakers. He is a member of: Scientific Board of the Journal of Audiovisual Translation, Communication Working Group of the Marie Curie Alumni Association, European Society for Studies in Screen Translation, Special Interest Group on Accessible Computing of the ACM, and EuroScience.


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  • G. M. Greco and L. Pedone (2015), Accessibilità e sicurezza dei luoghi di spettacolo. Note su criteri rescrittivi, criteri impositivi e buone prassi (Accessibility, Health and Safety of Live Events and Venues), AGM.
  • G. M. Greco and D. Ruggieri (2013), Il fare come cura. Contributi per una fondazione costruzionista della Terapia Occupazionale (Making as Healing Care. On the Constructionist Foundations of Occupational Therapy), L.E.
  • G.M. Greco, L. Pedone, E. Monsellato, B. Rizzo, and E. Spinelli (2012), Guida per Eventi Accessibili ed Ecosostenibili (Guide for Accessible and Ecosustainable Events), Social sound – Apulian Regional Administration.

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