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RERCOR (Recursos sobre enfermedades raras [Resources on rare diseases]) is a portal of multilingual (French, Spanish and English) linguistic resources on rare diseases (RD). It covers a wide range of diseases which are also referred to as ‘minority diseases’ or ‘orphan diseases’.

RERCOR aims to provide a set of tools which allow for a better knowledge of linguistic usage, especially its terminology, within this medical subdomain. Given the multidisciplinary nature of the RD field, the resources should prove valuable for those translating, revising, writing and analysing texts from the field of biomedicine and other related domains. The portal is intended for translators, interpreters and scientific writers (professionals or trainees) along with researchers and teachers in these fields.

RERCOR consists of:

  • A corpora query application: it allows users to make queries in six corpora that are made up of 1,700 texts, summing up to 10 million word-forms. This tool provides concordances as well as information on collocations, context and statistics. It also allows for selective data retrieval by means of extralinguistic filters (date of publication, textual genre and subgenre, and level of specialisation). The corpora can be consulted individually or together, and the different options allow users to adapt the query to their needs.
  • A glossary query application: it puts together circa 1,900 entries that can be consulted either individually or together. Beside the equivalent forms in other language, each entry contains its grammatical category, other word formes or, for example, usage notes.
  • A writing assistant for texts on RDs: this is a prototype which makes writing texts on this topic easier, by providing validated terminology whilst the texts are written in French, English or Spanish. The assistant is linked to the two previous tools, which facilitates a quick consultation of the suggested terminology in the glossaries and corpora with the aim of verifying its relevance in the drafted text.

The three complementary applications allow the examination of the RD field from a multilingual perspective, focussing on both the analysis of genuine texts from different genres and levels of specialisation, and on the production of high-quality texts.

The portal, which is in four languages (English, French, Spanish and Galician), contains several video tutorials with information on the characteristics of the applications and possible search methods.

Sánchez Trigo, Elena & Varela Vila, Tamara (Dirs.): RERCOR: Recursos sobre enfermedades raras (version 3.1). Universidade de Vigo

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