Audiodescription is a modality of audiovisual translation which allows viewers with visual impairment to access audiovisual productions (cinema, television, performing arts and museums). It is a form of intralingual and interlingual transfer. In traditional AD for dynamic media, a description of the image (characters, costumes, set, etc.) is inserted in pauses in the dialogue without interfering with the sound effects or music of the production. By providing the audience with the full content of the production in this way, they can enjoy it, reflect on it and experience the emotions it expresses. At GALMA our priority is to break down sensory and linguistic barriers. We maintain that it is possible to integrate audiodescription as an accessibility measure into an audiovisual production right from the beginning, in a collaborative process involving directors, producers, scriptwriters, audiovisual translation professionals, sighted audiences and those who have a visual impairment. This style of integrated AD has been explored as a creative catalyst that enhances the artistic experience of all audiences.

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