The objective of GALMA is to promote research, technology transfer, training and development in the field of media accessibility for people who, for a variety of reasons (sensory or cognitive disability, learning difficulties, age, language barrier, etc.), cannot access the original audiovisual content.

That is why we cover different modalities of accessibility and translation/interpreting, such as subtitling for hearing and deaf viewers, respeaking, dubbing, voice-over, audiodescription, media interpreting, sign language interpreting and accessible filmmaking.

Accessible Filmmaking

Accessible filmmaking (AFM) aims to integrate AVT and accessibility into the filmmaking process, which requires the collaboration between the translator and the creative team of the film.

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Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

We’re promoting the integration of SDH into the filmmaking process, as per the accessible filmmaking approach, both in terms of research and practice in films.

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Live subtitling – Respeaking

Real-time transcription of spoken words, sound effects, relevant musical cues, and other relevant audio information to enable deaf or hard-of-hearing persons to follow a live audiovisual programme.

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Allows viewers with visual impairment to access audiovisual productions (cinema, television, performing arts and museums).

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Sign Language Interpreting

Sign language interpreting allows Deaf people to access spoken language media in their own language.

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Substitution of the original dialogues recorded in the source language for another track containing the same dialogues recorded in the target language.

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Media Interpreting

Media Interpreting is at the core of GALMA’s objectives, particularly interpreting that takes place in audiovisual settings.

Corpora and Translation

We create corpus-based resources for translating and writing texts.

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